"Lord Bertie's flagship and the symbol of the Crown's power, HMS Endeavor is the most impressive warship on the sea." - Michael Afton

The HMS Endeavor is the flagship of Lord BertieChap of the East India Trading Company. Endeavor led the EITC Armada during the War Against The Pharaoh. Bertie maintained an expansive cabin in the Endeavor, which contained a large globe to complement the map of the world that was painted in his office in Port Royal. It is also responsible for most of the destruction in GameChap and BertieChap's videos.

History Edit

Headquarters of Bertie Edit

The HMS Endeavor is a first rate hundred gun ship of the line, notable for her service as the command ship of the East India Trading Company. It convoyed Lord BertieChap to Port Royal for the arrest of Minon Kako, Jiam Royo, and Jack Karki.

Flagship against the Pharaoh Edit

Battle with the Pharaoh Edit

The vessel headed to find the Pharaoh's flagship Desertia. When the found it they started firing t it. The Desertia fired back, but the Endeavor took little damage. The Endeavor fired again and the Desertia took heavy damage on her starboard side. The Desertia started to fall apart. The Pharaoh watched in horror as it's flagship was being destroyed The Pharaoh fell off the ship and landed on a mast. The Desertia sank as the Endeavor sailed off.

Design and Appearance Edit

Formerly a ship of the King's Navy, the HMS Endeavor is a first rate ship of the line. Mounting one hundred and eight cannons, the Endeavor represented the power of the East India Trading Company, particularly its Director and head of the Armada, Lord BertieChap. She carries thirty-two cannons on her middle deck, and thirty-two cannons on her upper deck. Six cannons are located on her stern on the main deck, right below the quarterdeck, close to BertieChap's cabin. She also has two cannons on the forecastle, very close to the foremast, two bow chasers, and two cannons on the quarterdeck, right behind the steering wheel. Despite her great firepower, the Endeavor was slower in comparison with other ships like the Black Pearl.